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About is a privately-owned, independently operated website that hosts a well-rounded, driver-related platform for U.S. motorists, in conjunction with third-party offerings. After browsing state-specific information on a variety of driver-, vehicle- and DMV- based content on, visitors can choose to purchase a comprehensive Easy Guide, which is comprised of in-depth content, tips and directories regarding a plethora of driver-related topics, from what to do if you have a suspended license to the benefits of holding a state ID card if you are unable to acquire a driverís license. Our original content is packaged in an organized, navigable eBook, which is regularly updated through an in-house auditing process to keep the state-specific data, links and forms as current as possible.

In addition to our Easy Guide, consumers are offered other valuable driver-related resources, including our monthly newsletter, The Driverís Seat. Launched to keep subscribers informed on the rules and regulations of the road, in addition to Ďhow-toí descriptions, the latest relevant phone applications and new trends in DMV technology, The Driverís Seat keeps readers engaged and informed on the latest U.S. auto news on a regular basis.

Included with the purchase of an Easy Guide, patrons will also automatically receive 30 days of roadside assistance from Road America. The 24-hour service is centered on driver-related satisfaction, from roadside to collision, to membership programs.

In the near future, customers who purchase a Easy Guide will also be entitled to a free membership to DMV Advisors, a comprehensive, state-specific information center that encourages users to submit driver-related questions online or via phone, where an on-call team of specialists will be available to provide in-depth content and field incoming inquiries on a vast range of driver-related subject matters.

The goal of is to provide a well-rounded service for drivers, including access to our highly-relevant, multifaceted media center, as well as driver safety assistance. We believe that U.S. drivers should get the most out of daily life on the road, and itís our duty to guide and service eager motorists from the Sunshine State to the Golden State, and everywhere in between.