Hawaii Drivers License Renewal

Renew Driver License

Renewing your Driver License

If your driver's license is about to expire, you need to act now. Renewing your license before it's too late can save you a lot of time and money. Our staff has researched the driver's license renewal process for every state, so all the information you need is right here at your fingertips. Click "Continue" below to get started..

Driver's License Renewal in Hawaii

How to renew your Hawaii driver's license

The first step in renewing your driver's license in Hawaii is to check the status. In order to drive legally in Hawaii, your driver's license must be up to date. You are allowed to renew your Hawaii driver's license up to six months before the expiration date.

To renew your Hawaii driver's license in person you must bring the following with you:

Please keep in mind you will be required to have your vision re-tested, picture taken and be fingerprinted again.

To renew your Hawaii driver's license by mail you will need to:

The mailing addresses for each county are as follows:

City and County of Honolulu:

Driver License Section
P.O. Box 30340
Honolulu, HI 96820-0340
Fax: (808) 832-2904

County of Hawaii:

Driver Licensing Section
Hawaii County Police Department
349 Kapiolani St.
Hilo, HI 96720
Fax: (808) 961-8861

County of Kauai:

4444 Rice St.
Suite A480
Lihue, Kauai, HI 96766
Fax: (808) 241-6533

County of Maui:

County of Maui Service Center
Division of Motor Vehicles & Licensing
Attention: Renewal by Mail
70 E. Kaahumanu Ave., Suite A-17
Kahului, HI 96732-217