Now, on to some good news. Luckily, there is a trend that is likely to arouse no criticism, but only praise. Florida and Nevada have both introduced DMV services that will undoubtedly minimize the time we wait at the DMV.

Florida now has 11 mobile DMV vans that allow you to renew your driver-license, obtain a replacement, change your name or address on a driver license, get an identification card, renew your vehicle registration and purchase a specialty license plate as part of their Florida Licensing on Wheels (FLOW) program.

Nevada has introduced self-service kiosks in many major cities. Not only are the kiosks located at DMVs, but at other establishments as well, such as supermarkets and AAA offices (http://www.aaa.com/)?. At these kiosks, you can renew your registration, renew your driver's license, order a duplicate driver's license or utilize their other many services (DMVNV).