Free Driving Phone Apps

Drivers-Licenses.Org has compiled a list of the best and most useful free apps for drivers. From avoiding traffic to finding the cheapest gas around, theses apps will put your smart phone to use to prepare you for everything you need while on the road!

1. Drive Download:  

We all know texting and driving is dangerous. With the you can text and email handsfree. The app will read text messages and emails aloud in real time and automatically responds without drivers having to lift a finger.

2. Google Maps Download:  

For many, Google Maps has become the go to for maps, directions and more. Now the app provides drivers with on the go assistance. The best part of the app, it works with your other apps so you dont have to retype an adress again.

3. Gas Buddy Download:  

With gas prices skyrocking in many area, the Cheap Gas app can save your hard earned money! Using your location the app will help you find the cheapest gas around you. A few cents can add up to a big savings fast!

4. WiFi Finder Download:  

Apps are amazing when you have signal, but if you are in an area with bad service many of your apps won't work. That's when WiFi Finder comes in and saves the day. It searches for nearby WiFi spots, so you can connect to a wireless Internet network and again be able to use your applications.

5. YP Mobile Download:  

This app is a SUPER yellow pages in your pocket. It provides a business search engine, and as an added bonus you can search for local event. Once you decide where you are going, it will even give you directions using Google Maps.

6. Waze Social GPS & Traffic Download:  

When you download Waze, you become part of your local driving community. This app can be used as a turn-by-turn navigator but also displays user-generated reports on traffic, construction, and speed traps to help save you time, frustration and money while getting to your desination.

7. SigAlert Download:  

Sigalert provides accurate, up-to-date traffic maps and has saved many users lots of time, frustration and the trouble of sitting in traffic. Siaglert's information is synchronized with your states highway patrols' data and uses road sensors for accurate readings. It also provides accident, construction and other traffic data for most metropolitan areas.

8. Where! Download:  

If there was such thing as a Virtal Swiss Army Knife Where might be it for GPS apps. Using your location, Where gives you up to date real-time information on cheap gas, weather, movie showtimes, restaurant recommendations, traffic conditions, and news headlines, all in one app!

9. Yelp! Download:  

Similar to the much loved site, the Yelp app can be used to search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax and play then read reviews from an active community of locals in the know.

10. MapQuest Download:  

Just download the MapQuest 4 Mobile app to get real-time voice-guided directions as well as traffic updates, points of interest and much more.

11. EmergInfo Download:  

You get in an accident. Now what? The EmergInfo free app provides step-by-step instructions to make sure you collect all the information you need, the app will take photos and video evidence and can even call a lawyer or a cab. It also provides DUI / DWI help and contains a BAC Calculator (Blood Alcohol Tester) as a tool to keep you safe and to help you protect your rights.

12. NoteMinder Download:  

When your stuck in traffic it's the perfect time to make a to do list or a grocery list or maybe you just need to jot down a number. With NoteMinder?smartphone app?you just shake the phone to record your note and shake it again to automatically send it to a preselected email address. Just genius!