10 Road Activities To Reconsider

As daily drivers, there's a laundry list of things we tend to do while commuting. You'd be surprised to find that most of these things fall under the categories of dangerous, embarrassing, or dangerously embarrassing. We've compiled a list of 10 activities you may want to reconsider while behind the wheel. (For the record, we accept gifts in the forms of free gas and premium car washes.)

1) Putting on makeup ? Ladies, whether you're willing to admit it or not, we know you're guilty of mobile makeup application. It's scary to think that a female driver can do an entire makeover from the time she leaves her home to the minute she rolls up to the office. Would it kill you to wake up just five minutes earlier to safely paint your face on? It actually might save you ? or your eyes for that matter. No woman should willingly subject herself to optical scuffing due to an accidental eyeliner stab to the cornea.

2) Drinking hot coffee ? As a seasoned driver, you may consider yourself an expert on all activities involving your motor vehicle. But, the sad truth is ? no matter how sharp your instincts are, there's still a slight chance that another driver may hit the brakes in front of you and cause a traumatic, scolding spill of your supposedly safe cup of Joe. Spare yourself the speculation that comes along with arriving to your destination with soggy pants. We all know how that goes.

3) Singing ? We're not here to judge; because you're free to belt and drive all day and into the night. Just make sure your windows are rolled up tight. You're swollen with pride because you're a karaoke superstar, which means you don't really give a hoot about extended red light stares. But, we'll just remind you of a little site called YouTube.

4) Texting ? Let's get serious for a second. If you're a driver in the U.S., you're well aware of the plethora of state laws currently banning texting and driving. So, stop driving with one hand on the wheel and the other on your smartphone. Sweet nothings can wait. We're pretty sure your boyfriend hates being called ?pookie? anyway, so nix the nicknames and tuck them away for pillow talk.

5) Fighting on the phone ? The majority of drivers have a hard time ignoring incoming calls while on the road. But, maybe that's a practice we should actually start exercising. Have you ever bypassed your destination because you were too busy fighting with your mom, your best friend or even your girlfriend? Though a list of missed calls may do more harm than good to your social life, perhaps keeping the peace a little while longer is the key to your sanity while behind the wheel.

6) Taking a selfie ? Okay, we get it. You like to take a selfie, post it on Instagram, then push it to your Facebook page and then to your Twitter, so the entire world (or your closest 1,500 friends/acquaintances) can see your dolled up duck face on the way to the club, or your mega guns post-workout. The world won't stop if you wait until you get into your driveway to post that sexy selfie and hashtag the heck out of it. Bookmark: #latergram.

7) Personal hygiene ? We're not talking about brushing your teeth or using your battery operated clippers while speeding down the interstate (because we know those activities will remain in the movies, right?). We're talking about red light hygiene acts that can most definitely wait. Like: popping blemishes and picking your nose. Again, if you don't have tints, beware of creepers on either side when you're stopped. But, more importantly, we're concerned about the sanitation issues. Treat your wheel and your ride with a little respect. An industrial-sized Purell pump goes a long way.

8) Changing your clothes ? If you're a working man or woman, we're sure you've been tempted to do a costume change in your ride before. Whether you're heading out for a date after the clock strikes 5 p.m., or too bashful to squeeze into your gym clothes in the locker room, chances are, you need to modify your look. Our advice: First, come to a stop. Then, find a parking spot and beware of peeping Toms. Also, keep in mind, Google Earth could be watching?

9) Handling a GPS ? Luckily, the Era of Electronics has rewarded drivers with paperless directions, and a somewhat trustworthy digital voice to get us where we need to go. But, if you don't know how to use your Maps app on your phone, it's probably best that you don't fiddle with your GPS while on your commute. If you're carpooling, task a passenger. The last thing you need is to get stranded in the middle of nowhere while fighting with an invisible robot lady. That would just be weird.

10) Road flirting ? The first thing you need to know about road flirting: everybody does it. Why else do you think so many drivers arrive at their endpoint with a smile? One stoplight connection can make anybody's day. But, be mindful of the recipients of your road flirts. A car is a car, which means, until it runs out of gas, the road is on its side. We'd say don't flirt and drive, but we'd rather not spoil your day. We know how you get.