5 Pet Safety Tips For Road Trips

Dogs and cats are likely the most prized possessions of many pet owners, so it goes without saying that your top priority is to keep them out of harm's way. Home safety is a no-brainer, but the dangers of the road are often times unpredictable. What can you do to make sure your companion is just as comfortable and protected in your vehicle? Take a look at a few tips we recommend that will ensure your pet is safe, while giving you great peace of mind throughout your trip.

Purchase a carrying case

One of the first things you want to do when traveling with your pet is to make sure you purchase a cozy, yet secure carrying bag. This will depend on your pet's size, weight and breed. You may prefer a bag with zippered doors and see-through, mesh compartments that will provide added ventilation and more breathing room. You may also want to consider including a padded bed or mat, which will allow your pet to travel with extra comfort.

Use a pet barrier

Some pet owners may prefer a pet barrier instead of a carrier bag, especially if their cat or dog is rather large. These barriers are ideal for minivans or SUVs, and can be used in the backseat of your car. They will give your pet enough room to move around and play in while also keeping him or her safely secured during the trip.

Bring a travel kit

It's important to assemble a travel kit for your pet with all the essentials needed while you're on the road. Some of the things you can include are a portable water bowl, health records, nail clippers, antibiotic ointment and waste bags. Don't forget to bring along some of your pup or feline's favorite treats and toys if you'll be riding for a long while.

Consider a seatbelt

Although seatbelt laws for pets vary from state to state, a seat belt restraint will keep your cat or dog from getting hurt in the case of a car accident. Even if you are using a carrier bag or a crate for the ride, placing a seat belt over it will help keep your pet firmly secured. You can also get a harness that will attach itself to the seatbelt.

Keep the windows closed

As much as dogs love hanging their heads out the window for some fresh air, this can turn into a catastrophe in the event of an unexpected crash. Plus, loose dirt and debris flying around can easily hit your pet and cause damage to the eyes. Perhaps it is best to avoid taking this risk altogether.