Why It's a Win to Check Your Vin

When buying a used car, it's important to know its complete and undoctored history, because if you don't choose the best available vehicle report service, you may ultimately find yourself with a deficient vehicle. And when buying a used car, choosing a reputable and trustworthy vehicle report company like VinAudit.com to check your VIN is of the utmost importance. Knowing a car's full and true history keeps both parties involved in a car sale honest. Claims from both the buyer and seller can essentially be "fact-checked" against a vehicle in question. This is why it is strongly advised that you obtain a car's vehicle history report before diving in and buying a used car. The wrong vehicle history report company can cause unnecessary frustration.

When choosing a vehicle history service, look no further. Partnering with the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), a branch of the Department of Justice (DOJ), VinAudit.com checks for more than 60 title brands ? essentially red flags indicating that a car has been significantly damaged ? and searches thoroughly for accidents in which the car was involved. Furthermore, it is unrivaled in delivering accurate odometer readings. Unlike other vehicle report services, if an odometer has been manipulated, VinAudit.com will conclusively find out whether the read is correct or incorrect. Top competitors cannot deliver vehicle data as comprehensive and as extensive. This is why consumers and dealers alike choose to get their vehicle history reports from this valuable vehicle report service.