DMV Developments

Texas Launches Paperless Titling

As the era we live in becomes more digital and electronic, paper records and documents are slowly and steadily fading out of the status quo. In Texas, recordkeeping for vehicle titles is now managed electronically, eliminating risk and frustration for both the state and it's residents. Residents do not have to worry about theft of their title anymore, and tax collector offices throughout the state can conserve their resources. The new electronic title ledger, 'webDEALER' is a voluntary program so you must sign up for it?you are not automatically enrolled. So if you are a Texas resident and interested, contact your DMV for more information.

Commemorate Nevada's 150th Anniversary With New Specialty Plate

Nevada has been a member of the United States for 150 years and is now proudly offering a specialty license plate commemorating the anniversary. Nevada is currently celebrating its sesquicentennial anniversary, which ends in October of 2014. Nevadans can purchase the plates for a limited time, with plates being available until October 2016. A set of these specialty plates costs $33.50, with $25 of each sale serving to fund the yearlong celebration. The perennial celebration consists of weekly community events with recreational, culinary and historical themes.

California DMV Introduces 'Troops to Trucks' Program

The department of motor vehicles in California has waived the commercial driving test needed to pass in order to obtain a commercial driver's license for military personnel trained in the operation of heavy vehicles. The gesture not only enables veterans to reenter the workforce with more ease; it also saves the state money as they have less need to administer tests and create physical credentials, so the program is beneficial to both parties. As long as those former servicemen and servicewomen have not committed serious offenses, they are eligible to bypass the driving test.