5 Reasons Why You Should Not Apply Makeup While You Drive According to Drivers-Licenses.org

drivers-licenses.org blog: 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Apply Makeup While You Drive According to Drivers-Licenses.org

When you are running late for work but still need to do your makeup, it can be tempting to pack up your makeup bag and apply your makeup in the car. Although multitasking may seem like the best use of your time while you’re in traffic, you should never focus on other things while driving. The experts at Drivers-Licenses.org advise you to not apply makeup while you drive and here are a few reasons why.

#1 It Is a Distraction

Just like texting, eating and surfing the web can distract you while you drive, so can putting on makeup. Anything that takes your attention away from the road is a distraction you want to avoid while driving. If you are too focused on how you look in the mirror, you may not notice when the car in front of you stops abruptly or when a car quickly switches into your lane. Keeping your eyes on the road and both hands on the steering wheel are key aspects of safe driving. It is difficult to do either of those things when you have one eye closed and one hand preoccupied with applying your eyeliner.

#2 You Can Develop Bad Habits

While your hands are occupied with putting on mascara and curling your eyelashes, you may resort to using alternate steering methods. Some drivers choose to steer with their knees while in slow moving traffic and others may even steer with their elbows to keep their hands free to do other things. Both are poor driving habits that may develop if you routinely do your makeup in the car. The team at Drivers-Licenses.org advises against any form of alternate steering and recommends always driving with both hands on the wheel.

#3 You Can Hurt Yourself and Others

Doing your makeup is a major distraction that can bring harm to yourself and others. If you are doing anything around your eyes, like using tweezers or applying eye makeup, and you stop abruptly, you can potentially stab yourself in the eye. Depending on the instrument you were using, you can cause yourself serious harm. Additionally, when you’re preoccupied with doing your makeup, you are less likely to notice pedestrians crossing the street and more likely to get into an accident. The experts at Drivers-Licenses.org suggest doing your makeup at home or at work to prevent any potential harm to others or yourself as your drive.

#4 It Can Make You a Dangerous Driver

Everyone knows to steer clear of swerving cars and erratic drivers because they are potentially dangerous to get close to. While you are distracted with your lipstick and blush, it is easy not to notice when you’re drifting into another lane or when your exit is coming up. This can lead to dangerous behavior, such as last minute lane switching to not miss an exit. Swerving to keep control of your vehicle while your attention is elsewhere is also common. The team at Drivers-Licenses.org always recommends keeping all distractions to a minimum while you drive to promote a safe driving environment for everyone.

#5 You Can Get Ticketed

All the dangerous driving habits listed above can eventually lead to a traffic ticket. In California, applying makeup while you drive is considered a moving violation under the state’s distracted driving law and can incur a fine of $150 or more. However, this isn’t true for every state. It may not be against the law to apply makeup while driving in your state, but you can still receive a ticket for breaking the law while distracted. Distracted driving can lead to running stop signs and erratic lane changes, and it can even cause accidents. All of these violations can land you with a traffic ticket that will cost you far more than a new eye shadow palette. The team at Drivers-Licenses.org recommends checking your specific state’s DMV for more information on laws about driving while distracted. Remember to be mindful of distractions while you drive and to always stay alert.