The Benefits of Driver’s Education Courses According to Experts at blog: The Benefits of Driver’s Education Courses According to Experts at

Drivers are provided with valuable information regarding driving laws and guidelines through various courses offered at the DMV. Driver’s education courses are vital for new drivers who are just learning basic traffic laws, as well as seasoned drivers that need to refresh their knowledge of driving rules and regulations. The team at has provided more information on the various benefits of taking driver’s education courses below.

Obtain a Driver’s License

Many states require teen drivers and adult drivers that are not yet licensed to take driver’s ed to receive their driver’s licenses. This course will help students prepare for the written exam and the driving test they need to pass to become licensed. Both the written and road portions of the test are administered by your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Each state may require a different amount of classroom hours needed to complete the course. A driver’s ed course can be completed through a student’s high school, online or through a licensed driving school. The team at recommends contacting your local DMV to learn about the eligibility requirements for driver’s ed in your state.

Receive Car Insurance Discounts

Car insurance can become costly, especially for new drivers and those who have been in a collision in the past. Teen and adult drivers who complete driver’s ed can get discounts on their car insurance. Drivers who elect to take a driver’s ed course not only lower their car insurance premiums, but become safer drivers. The experts at recommend young drivers contact different car insurance companies to see which companies offer discounts. New drivers are usually offered a discount for attending driver’s education, because they are more cautious and careful on the road. A defensive driving insurance discount is offered to drivers above the age of 50 that participate in defensive driving programs. This is a refresher course for older drivers, and it goes over the basic road laws and safe driving habits. Many car insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who have a track record of safe driving. If you have never been in an accident, you may qualify for a discount on your car insurance, and you should contact your car insurance company for more information on what is available to you.

Promote Safe Driving on Roads and Highways

Driving in hazardous conditions can be unsafe and sometimes fatal if a driver does not know the proper way to operate a vehicle. believes that driver’s education courses promote safer roads and better drivers. These programs place emphasis on traffic laws and how to share the road with other cars, motorcycles and even emergency vehicles. Driver’s ed is a great program for new drivers and seasoned drivers who want to stay knowledgeable on the safest roadway and vehicle regulations. These courses allow drivers to maintain the safety of our roads and highways, which decreases the amount of roadway accidents and emergency situations that occur.