Presents: The Best Motorcycle Rider Gear for Different Climates blog: Presents: The Best Motorcycle Rider Gear for Different Climates

There’s a classic uniform motorcyclists like to don when riding: a leather jacket and blue jeans. But as timeless and effortlessly cool as that outfit looks, it doesn’t always make for the most practical choice in clothing for riding in hot or wet conditions. If you’re planning on traveling the world or even traveling the country by motorcycle, you should be prepared for all sorts of environments. That means changing your gear.

Your collection of motorcycle gear should include equipment suited to a variety of climates, temperatures and conditions. recommends getting the best gear you can find to adapt to your environment and stay comfortable no matter where you ride. 

Gear for Warm Climates

When you’re riding in warmer temperatures, staying cool is the name of the game. recommends ditching the leather jacket in warm weather and looking for mesh-based clothing instead. Clothing with mesh will allow air to flow through your clothing as you ride, helping evaporate sweat and cool you down. Your motorcycle boots, gloves, jacket, pants and helmet should all have plenty of vents and mesh to keep air moving around you.

Another good idea is to pick up an evaporative cooling vest. Soak the vest in cold water for a few minutes before you begin your journey. As you ride, the water in the vest will evaporate, keeping you cooler for longer.

Gear for Chilly Riding

Riding a motorcycle in chilly weather comes with a different set of challenges—you need to keep the wind out as much as possible in order to retain body heat. The team suggests thatmotorcycle enthusiasts look for a windproof, waterproof shellto help keep out the elements. Layer it with an insulating layer and a base layer made of heat-retaining material like wool or synthetic fabrics. Don’t forget accessories like balaclavas, which can cover the bits of your skin exposed by a jacket.

The team at also suggests checking out heated riding gear – vests and gloves in particular. Although they can be pricey, a heated undergarment can make a world of difference if you’re riding through freezing temperatures. It’s particularly important to keep your hands warm and functional during a ride, so gloves may be a good first investment if you’re looking to try out heated gear.

Gear for Rainy Weather

Like cold weather gear, your motorcycle outfit for rainy weather should be waterproof. Unlike cold weather gear, you don’t necessarily want to keep air trapped inside. Instead, look for gear that allows for venting and airflow while blocking water from coming in. A full-body rain suitprovides total protection from the rain and minimizes the risk of accidental gaps where water can leak in. There’s a wide range of prices for rain suits, but don’t skimp too much—you get what you pay for.

The experts at remind you to considersafety as well as comfort when choosingrain weather gear. Therefore, look for fog and moisture repellants you can apply to your helmet and windshield, if you have one, to protect your view. A foggy wet windshield can obscure your vision and increase your risk of accidents.