How to Get a Driver’s Ed Course Waiver: Advice From blog: How to Get a Driver’s Ed Course Waiver: Advice From

Learning to drive is exciting when you are a teenager. It gives young drivers a sense of freedom, but obtaining a driver’s license does take some work. Most states require new drivers to complete a driver’s education course. This course teaches safe driving habits, traffic laws and other rules of the road. Although the typical driver’s education course requires drivers to learn in a classroom setting, there are other ways to meet the required hours necessary to take a license test. Drivers that are simply renewing their licenses or are applying for new ones may not have to enroll in driver’s ed at all. The team at explains the ways that you can have driver’s ed waived below.

Enroll in An Alternative Online Course

Traditional driver’s ed usually requires a certain number of classroom hours that every student must attend. The amount of classroom hours required varies by state, and the course usually ends with a written exam. Driver’s ed courses teach safe driving habits, how to be a defensive driver, traffic laws and how to safely operate a vehicle. It is important that every driver understands and masters these skills before hitting the road, but the experts at know that this method of driver’s education does not fit everyone’s schedule or learning style. Many states offer the option of completing driver’s ed online. This allows you to meet the necessary classroom hours in the comfort of your own home. You can learn the educational material at the pace with which you are most comfortable, which may help you retain the information more effectively. Online driver’s ed is a great option for those looking to get their driver’s licenses and who want to take the course outside of a classroom. You should contact your local DMV to see if this option is available in your state.

Avoid Driver’s Ed By Previously Holding a License

Adults that need to renew their driver’s licenses are not required to attend driver’s ed. If you are applying for a replacement license, the requirement of taking a driver’s ed course will be waived. Adults that have never held a driver’s license are required to meet driver’s ed course requirements to obtain a license. Although most adults are not required to attend a driver’s education course, per se (and can meet requirements in various other ways), the expert team at recognizes the benefits of an adult driver’s ed class to even the most experienced drivers. Enrolling in a driving course can help you refresh your safe driving skills and review necessary traffic laws. Completing the course can help your driving record if you have previous traffic offenses. A defensive driving course can help you lower your monthly bills. Some insurance companies offer a discount on your auto policy if you complete the course. Driver’s education is not just for teens; it can help you become a better driver and make the roads a safer place.